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Betriebswirt mit Zusatzqualifikation Sommelier / Sommelière Hotelfachschule Heidelberg
Staatlich geprüfter Gastronom mit Zusatzqualifikation Geprüfter Diätkoch/Geprüfte Diätköchin (IHK)
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At a glance

Heidelberg Hotel Management School

Heidelberg – the very name evokes images of romanticism and learning. Beyond Germany it also stands for management education in the hotel and restaurant industry.
For more than 90 years young professionals have been studying at Germany’s first and largest hotel management school tucked away in the foothills of the Odenwald.
Founded in 1925 by far-sighted HD hoteliers the school has thrived on furthering the education of prospective leaders in tourism, restaurant and hotel management with an international flair.
Course contents and methods have greatly changed over the years, but the mission has remained the same:


  • To provide the necessary skills for middle and upper management positions to ambitious employees of the hotel and restaurant industry.
  • To develop well trained professionals for companies of the hotel and restaurant industry.

Today, more than 300 students from all over Germany and abroad, most in their mid-twenties, attend one of the three courses outlined below.
They all have already completed a three-year apprenticeship as chefs, waiters, hotel specialists, clerks or equivalent training. They have a minimum of one year practical experience after their initial training.

-  Fachschule für Hotelbetriebswirtschaft und Hotelmanagement

The traditional two-year full-time management course attended by the majority of students concentrates on business subjects, data processing and a minimum of two foreign languages. The course requires an intermediate general school leaving certificate in addition to the requirements outlined before. Upon passing the final examination the title „Staatlich geprüfter Hotelbetriebswirt“ (roughly: state-certified hotel administration expert) is granted.

-  Fachschule für Gastronomie

A one-year full-time management course with a very strong emphasis on practical skills. The students have at least three years of practical experience and may take the chamber of Commerce and Industry Master Examination (as Master Chef, Waiter or Hotelier) along with the school examination of „Staatlich geprüfter Gastronom“. Both exams are intertwined and are conducted in the premises of the school.

-  Fachschule für Sommeliers

A one-year full-time management course concentrating on wine and beverage skills granting the title of „Staatlich geprüfter Sommelier“. Lessons by our staff of 30 highly-qualified teachers and lecturers are complemented by seminars, competitions, excursions, project work and a host of other activities which emphasize the close ties to developments in the industry.

As members of our active alumni association, organized in more than 20 regions in Germany and abroad, many former students hold contact to Heidelberg all through their professional career.
Heidelberg Hotel Management School is a state school jointly funded by the land of Baden-Württemberg and the City of Heidelberg. It is situated in modern premises with state-of-the-art facilities in a southern suburb of Heidelberg.


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Hotelfachschule Heidelberg
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69126 Heidelberg
Tel +49(0)6221-35010
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